Freitag, 26.05.2017
Jlin Jlin “Black Origami” (Planet Mu)

The 36th chambers of #jlintruth

Only two more weeks to go till the long awaited second album of Jerrilynn Patton aka Jlin will final…

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Mikko-Joensuu_FIRE1 Mikko Joensuu – a song in fifteen images

From a “House Of Fire” to “Amen 3″

In the beginning there was "Amen 1"; but it did not take too long until Mikko Joensuu gave us "Amen …

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Euro2_Gianni-Brezzo Gianni Brezzo “Me Deixa” – Videoclip-Premiere

“I just wanted to make a record that doesn’t overstrain you at breakfast table.”

"We wanted to make a cheap and effective promotional clip for the record." – Kaput is happy to deb…

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Marie-Davi Marie Davidson

Week-End Mixtape #6

The tracks on this podcast, which Marie Davidson recorded exclusively for our friends of Week-End Fe…

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bildschirmfoto-2017-01-03-um-11-54-02 Records of the holy Week(s)

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith & Suzanne Ciani … Rune Bagge & Schaake

At the end of the year, one does not only realize what moments and artifacts sticked most with him, …

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Carl Craig in front of Hart Plaza A tour through Detroit with Carl Craig

“Recharge with soul”

"I see these buildings every day. For me they represent the history of Detroit, the history of a pla…

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bildschirmfoto-2016-12-07-um-22-41-22 Thomas Venker – Song charts

23 songs for 2016

Coming up with a chart of 20 songs to catch a year in music, what a gruesome mission it is. And so I…

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Thomas Venker

21 albums for 2017

The game ain´t over till it is over, right? Like every year just when one made the Top 20 choices, …

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Alva Noto  - Nocture 1 Montreal´s Mutek festival makes a trip to Tokyo


Montreal home based festival Mutek did his first Japan edition in Tokyo on November 2,3,4 2017. It t…

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seoul 2_30.09.2016

Five For Friday

It’s Friday, and in the music world, today is new release day. Stores are flooded with an abundanc…

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20160627_155112506_ios Five For Friday

1 – 16.09.2016

It’s Friday, and in the music world, today is new release day. Stores are flooded with an abundanc…

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What a festival! Off-Kultur dinner time. Off-Kultur 2016 in 19 pictures

From Magic Island to Helmut

It all started with a stupid idea in a backstage room in Groningen – and it ended after three wild…

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Moddi-2016-by-J+©rgen-Nordby Moddi, Marcel Khalife and the sad story of suppressed songs

“Oh my father I am Joseph”

The young Norwegian songwriter Pål Moddi Knutsen (aka Moddi) comes up with quite an ambitious conce…

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Zebra Katz at Pop-Kultur Festival by Janto Djassi Pop-Kultur 2016 in 23 pictures

From Selda Bağcan to Imarhan

The second edition of Pop-Kultur festival is over – and we feel very dizzy from all those impress…

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Kaput Monolog: "A day in the park with Jessy Lanza" Jessy Lanza

Kaput Monolog: A Day in the park with Jessy Lanza

We took Jessy Lanza for a walk in the park to discuss her second album "Oh No" and other big pop que…

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Video premiere “Not the Moon (Markus Guentner Remix)”

The Cologne based electronic musician Sonia Güttler is well know for her playful and atmospheric am…

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Marginal_Consort_5 Marginal Consort

Mazuo Imai. Tomonao Koshikawa. Kei Shii. Masami Tada.

On the 6th of June one of the rare performances of the Japanese Noise-Impro-Collective Marginal Con…

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Colorist "Köln ist Kaput" Köln ist kaput

Colorist in concert and words

Another massive video from our Köln ist kaput series, this time featuring the magnificent and enigm…

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08-jonathan-forsythe-jost Jonathan Forsythe

“Morning Jost”

A photo series by Jonathan Forsythe shot on Jost Van Dyke in february 2016.…

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Stefan Müller & Miguel Ortiz in front of  Oliver Husain Köln ist Kaput II

Cabinet of Kaput feat. Stefan Müller und Die Bäume

A look back on Köln ist Kaput II: Stefan Müller and Die Bäume played as the closing of Cabinet of…

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009j Camp Inc.

Köln ist Kaput

Roland Wilhelm & Sebastian Ingenhoff lock off our Köln ist kaput series with their very own mix of…

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Rock the casbah Primavera festival 2016 - Photo Gallery

God only knows what I’d be without you

The 2016 edition of Primavera in 25 pictures. …

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Kaput Profiler

Jens “Jence” Moelle and İsmail “Isi” Tüfekçi open Pandoras box for Kaput and tell us abou…

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Design: Gianluca Lonigro Doomhound

Song premiere: “Yum Yum Watercourse”

Philipp Hülsenbeck uses the hiatus of his band Sizarr for a phase of experimenting. In Leipzig he i…

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Kaput Profiler Vimes Vimes - The Kaput Profiler

Secret Knowledge

Azhar Syeds and Julian Stetters of Vimes share their first drug experiences, favorites ice-cream and…

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Dial-Records-Bild- Dial Records

15 is the magic number: Bday-Mix & Cover-Galerie

Christian Naujoks and Pete Kersten (Lawrence) send us in celebration of their birthday this "15-Minu…

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Kaput_cover_Helena-Hauff_2015_Web Kaput Cover Story July 2015

Helena Hauff

With her sets and productions Helena Hauff breaks open dark, unfathomable, often even gloomy sound w…

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Message for 2016 MishMach-Charts 2015

That´s how kaput 2015 was of a year

The Kaput team looks back on a really kaput 2015. …

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Kaput_Coverstory_June2015_FFS_WEB Kaput Cover Story June 2015

FFS (Franz Ferdinand & Sparks)

Rewind 2015. We are looking back on the year in cover stories. …

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Kaput_Cover_April_KaijiHaino_web Kaput Cover Story April 2015

Keiji Haino

Rewind 2015. We are looking back on the year in cover stories. …

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Kaput_cover_Barnt_2015_Web Kaput Coverstory March 2015


Rewind 2015. The Year in Coverstories. March: Daniel Ansorge aka Barnt. …

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Floating Points & Sander Houtkruijer

The Making of “Nespole”

Videoclip director Sander Houtkruijer talks to Kaput about working on "Nespole" by Floating Points. …

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Week-End #5

1 Question for: Move D, Ariel Pink, Albert Oehlen, Billy Childish, The Notwist ….

Weekend-Festival, the Cologne-based festival run by Jan Lankisch and Jörg Waschat, is already hitti…

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Bum Khun Cha Youth & Jens Friebe "Es leben die Drogen" Bum Khun Cha Youth & Jens Friebe - videoclip premiere

“Es leben die Drogen”

"Es lebe das Unheil, es lebe der Abschied. Es lebe der Jetlag, es lebe die Schnecke." Bum Khun Ch…

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20150925_195058 Academy Award Winner

“Kaput has won the Rocco-Clein-Award. What do you say now, hater?”

Reeperbahn Festival; end of September 2015. Somewhere in Hamburg. Through our thick glasses we keep …

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Kaput_wilkes_by_SarahSzczesny JG Wilkes of Optimo

10 Questions for

Christian S sends out 10 questions to JG Wilkes of Optimo ahead of their gigs together in Cologne an…

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Gabi Delgado "Passage" Gabi Delgado


Delgado, who represents one half of Deutsch-Amerikanische-Freundschaft, took us on a tour through hi…

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Gabi Delgado

The LSD approach to forest and trains

Gabi Delgado-López created with his partner Robert Gröl under the moniker DAF songs as „Kebab-Tr…

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Kling-Klang-Studio, Düsseldorf, Juni 2015 (Photo: Thomas Venker) Kling-Klang-Studio


In an ordinary backyard near Düsseldorf's main train station you'll find the rooms which until 2009…

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Meryem Erkus explores the darker kind of techno.

This brand new Kaput-Playlist comes from booker and curator Meryem Erkus and explore the darker kind…

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Fugazi - Revisited

One night at the Hallschlag

On 30th of June 1995 Fugazi put on a remarkable show at the Hallschlag in Stuttgart ... …

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Drift – Revisited

Leonberger Momente with Leah Singer & Lee Ranaldo

Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth and filmmaker Leah Singer visited Europe in 1994 to perform under their i…

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L´age d´or - Revisited

The Age of Innocence

A legendary German label and three impulsive musical makers. Here is the conversation: …

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Austin, 2012 SXSW 2015

What to see at SouthBySouthWest this year

Daniel Seligman, Abel Suárez and Paul Tao open up their little black books... …

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Damiano von Erckert

My worst flight

Damiano von Erckert did open his book of terrible flight experiences for us. …

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Futu1 re Brown Future Brown...

… on Future Brown

Tell me who you are: Fatima Al Qadiri, Jamie Imanian-Friedman, Asma Maroof and Daniel Pinedaare. …

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10830486_10153007701824379_3167666757799094372_o Top 10 Dj-Sets 2014

Dj Sneak, Rolando and John Talabot

The best 10 dj sets of 2014, as experienced by Thomas Venker. …

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