Dienstag, 24.04.2018
Tuneyards Record of the Week


The topics are politically current; it’s gender equality, American politics, the destruction of th…

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Rhythmic Brutalism Record of the Week


" It is a bleak joy to experience how uncompromising Atnif approaches her sound material on “Rhyth…

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Bildschirmfoto 2017-10-27 um 09.46.24 Record of the Week Spezial

Cologne-Frankfurt-Osaka-Kyoto: 13 Records against mother Jetlag

For a long time, whenever I traveled, I cultivated a monoartistic listening ritual and spend all my …

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Alvvays-'Antisocialites' Record of the Week

Alvvays “Antisocialites”

"Alvvays are contrasting themselves from similar bands by acting less one-dimensional. Their attitud…

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Cover_LCD Record of the Week

LCD Soundsystem “American Dream”

Many have therefore celebrated the new LCD Soundsystem album as a new beginning and rebirth, connect…

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Phoenix-im-Brunnen Record of the Week

Phoenix “Ti Amo”

Phoenix do of course know that they are not the band for explicit political statements, that people …

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Laurel_Dust Record of the Week

Laurel Halo “Dust”

When somebody says about a musician that their newest album is “more accessible” it mostly equal…

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Algiers_Cover_neu Record of the Week

Algiers ”The Underside of Power”

James Fisher is singing, speaking and rapping with various tongues and equally complex colorations o…

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Cover_Kreidler Record of the Week

Kreidler “European Song”

Triggered by Erdogan, Trump, Putin and co. the four musicians from Düsseldorf deferred to the urgen…

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Dirty Record of the week

Dirty Projectors „Dirty Projectors“

The opener “Keep Your Name” immediately lets the listener feel that this is something very speci…

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COVER_Visible-Cloaks Record(s) of the Week

Visible Cloaks / Melanie Velarde

The records of the week are all about archaeological quests, operations at the open hear and soft fe…

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Cover_XX_ISEEYOU_4000-2 Record of the Week

The XX “I See You”

But it would be wrong to just talk about “I See You” ex negativo, because it is such a prolific,…

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bildschirmfoto-2017-01-03-um-11-54-02 Records of the holy Week(s)

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith & Suzanne Ciani … Rune Bagge & Schaake

At the end of the year, one does not only realize what moments and artifacts sticked most with him, …

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cover-hope_ Record of the Week

Hope Sandoval And The Warm Inventions “Until the Hunter”

With her side project The Warm Inventions with Colm O’Ciosoid (My Bloody Valentine) Hope also reve…

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cover-the-notwist Record of the Week

The Notwist „Superheroes, Ghostvillains + Stuff“

"It is an object lesson on the modus operandi of the band, without containing the air of just presen…

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gallery-1464874465-nick-cave-skeleton Record Of The Week

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds “Skeleton Tree”

When hearing the album one witnesses how the singer tries to catch up to the music and again and aga…

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cover_planetary-assault-systems Record of the Week

Planetary Assault System „Arc Angel“

It’s free to our imagination to guess where the “Arc Angel”, if we surmise it’s ship-ness, s…

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Cover_Britney_Glory Record of the Week

Britney Spears “Glory”

I would like to make it clear get-go, that it is in no way my intention to slam Britney Spear’s ne…

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Cover-The-Julie-Ruin-'Hit-Reset'- Record of the Week

The Julie Ruin “Hit Reset”

Kathleen Hanna, Kathi Wilcox, Sara Landeau, Carmine Covelli, and Kenny Mellman have so much verve an…

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C87_cover Record of the Week

Diverse “C 87″

This compilation helps to remember who big the gap between indie and mainstream used to be. Contact …

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Cover_ArbeitSchickertSchneider Record of the Week


The newly formed trio starts his debut release “ASS” with a song in five stages, ingeniously nam…

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Post_Isola Record of the Week

Mondo Sangue “L’Isola dei Dannati”

“L’Isola dei Dannati” from Luchino Martello don’t really exist: Mondo Sangue alias Yvy Pop a…

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Cover_BoysNoize Record of the Week

Boys Noize “Mayday”

"The only surprising moment is “Starchild”, the song on which Poliça sings. For the first time …

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oumshatt Record of the Week

Oum Shatt “Oum Shatt”

"Personally, I’m very grateful for this album, but there is one thing I can’t forgive you, Oum S…

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Stabil-Elite-'Spumante'-(Italic-Recordings) Record of the Week

Stabil Elite “Spumante”

All these songs tell of the end of the moment, of transience, that is sustained in the act of tellin…

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sara Sara Hartman

“Germans are so refreshingly rude”

Sara Hartman opened up the gigs of the Ellie Goulding's world tour. And this was only one thing wher…

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Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-16 um 13.49.19 Record of the Week

James Blake “The Color In Anything” / Christian Naujoks „Wave“

Last night I dreamt, that I was lying in a hotel room with James Blake. Not, as one might expect, in…

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Cover_ANOHNI Record of the Week

ANOHNI “Hopelessness”

Music in a time of omnipresent violence. A task that musicians are confronted with nowadays in light…

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Cover_Ringer Record of the Week

Der Ringer “Glücklich“

"Glücklich“ appears like a lecture titled "Living in the digital world – compatibility of biolo…

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Cover_Tooslow Record of the Week

Various Artists “The Ladies of too Slow to Disco”

DJ Supermarkt has once again unearthed amazing songs, that are perfectly balanced between virtuosity…

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Kaput_ROFTW_PSB_Cover Record of the Week

Pet Shop Boys “Super”

It would probably be exaggerated to label "Super" as the Eurodance record of the Pet Shop Boys. None…

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Iggy_Pop_Post_Depression Record of the Week

Iggy Pop „Post Pop Depression“

Iggy Pop has experienced everything there is to experience in life - and somehow made it out okay on…

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Cover_Santigold_99¢- Record of the Week

Santigold “99¢”

"99¢" has arrived and thankfully, it has turned out to be just the opposite of cheap and (he)artles…

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Cover_AnimalCollective Record of the week

Animal Collective “Painting With”

We really ought to be thankful that Dave Portner/Avey Tare, Noah Lennox/Panda Bear, Brian “Geologi…

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Tortoise_COver Record of the week

Tortoise “The Catastrophist”

Well, and before I get reproached for being overly nostalgic again, I shall get straight to the poin…

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Kaput_Yoyogi-Park-Cover Record of the Week

Lawrence „Yoyogi Park“​

"Yoyogi Park" is the third part in a series of releases of ambient music whose artwork has been crea…

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Jóhann Jóhannsson “End of Summer” (Sonic Pieces) Record of the Week

Jóhann Jóhannsson “End of Summer”

Jóhannsson stands for lived solidarity through music in a world that pretty much stands for exactl…

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Grimes_Cover Record of the Week

Grimes “Art Angels”

Sound-wise “Art Angels” presents itself rather slick and enhanced, teeming with detail: 90s elec…

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John Cale Record of the Week

John Cale “M : FANS / Music For A New Society“

It was not a rare thing for Cale to try and cure frailty with toughness. The grim and angry rocker …

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Cover_Ort_Zeot Record of the Week

“Falscher Ort Falsche Zeit – Power Pop & Mod Sounds”

Whether all of the bands featured on the compilation do in fact fall under the category “Mod” is…

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Cover_TraceyThorn Record of the Week

Tracey Thorn „Solo Songs and Collaborations 1982-2015“

"Tracey Thorn creates music that outlines melodrama without yielding to it fully." Mario Lasar and C…

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Jennylee_RightOn!_Cover Record of the Week

Jennylee „Right On!“

Christina Mohr on the solo debut of Warpaint bassist Jenny Lee - comes with a big need for new synon…

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Cover_Adele Record of the Week

Adele „25“

"Does it make any sense at all to review a record that before even hitting the shops has already bee…

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Beat-Happening-„Look-Around“-(Domino) Record of the Week

Beat Happening „Look Around“

"I cannot help, but touch upon my own personal history in reviewing this." So says our writer Jens F…

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Bildschirmfoto 2015-11-02 um 10.54.49 Record of the Week

Miley Cyrus “Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz”

Christina Mohr and Jens Friebe on "Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz" by Miley Cyrus. …

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Micachu-Cover Record of the Week

Micachu and the Shapes „Good Sad Happy Bad“

"The authors of Spex, Intro and Musikexpress tore it to pieces. Quite the ambiguous experience. Ther…

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Peaches_Rub_Cover Record of the Week


The title track of the album pretty much constitutes the work that is most typical of Peaches. How a…

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Morgenstern_Cover Record of the Week

Barbara Morgenstern “Doppelstern”

Gentle, yet determined, like a very nice teacher, Barbara Morgenstern sings and makes music quietly,…

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Cover-LanaDel Record of the Week

Lana Del Rey “Honeymoon”

While the world keeps spinning, Lana Del Rey's songs freeze individual moments. Mario Lasar and Chri…

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Cover_Nicolas-Godin Record of the Week

Nicolas Godin “Contrepoint”

“Contrepoint” is the name of Nicolas Godins´debut album as a solo artist – an album that is v…

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Cover_Visionist Record of the week

Visionist „Safe“

With “Safe”, Louis Carnell has managed to create a fantastic album, an electronic opera about ou…

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Bildschirmfoto 2015-09-04 um 11.17.35 Record of the Week


3 minutes and 48 seconds worth of pop music with the license to make you feel dizzy.…

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