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on the dance floor – and Katja obviously behind her on stage. Sonar 2018 – 25 Years in 27 pictures

25 years, 3 nights in a dark room and a fallen dj

25 years, 3 nights in a dark room and a fallen dj – Kaput looks back on the 25th edition of Sonar…

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After-Show-Party! Köln ist Kaput VIII – Photogallery

A night with Sonae and Gora Sou

Köln ist Kaput – the night in pictures. …

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Sonar-2018 10 stirring Sónar moments for 2018


When does the Sónar week start? And when does it really end? A difficult question indeed, consideri…

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Bildschirmfoto 2018-02-06 um 15.01.58 CTM 2018

Angst and love über Berlin

Another bodily challenging and highly inspiring CTM festival is over. It was again a week of many i…

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Georgia-Aufmacher "The Sky Is Very Very Vast" – The official Meakusma 2017 film

Meakusma 2017: “Wandering through a dream”

"After performing at the 2016 edition of Meakusma, where they seemed to have had an excellent time, …

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CofK_starter_49 Cabinet of Kaput

Franca Scholz “Cells Chromosomes Genes“


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Schaefer Cabinet of Kaput

Morgaine Schäfer “Schwimmbad”

No.48 …

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MUTEK2016 MUTEK Japan 2017

Continue the adventure

We not only want to show the most cutting edge shows and bring international talent to Japan, but al…

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PKB_c_of_K_47 Cabinet of Kaput

Anna Kindermann “plain hearty fare”


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c of K_46 Cabinet of Kaput

Gerrit Frohne Brinkmann “When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth”


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Moritz_starter_c of K_45 Cabinet of Kaput

Moritz Wegwerth “Untitled (Zatt C)”

No.45 …

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CofK_starter_44 Cabinet of Kaput

Michael Hakimi “Lost Zips”


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Mirja_Reuter_c of K_43 Cabinet of Kaput

Mirja Reuter “Traverse”


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Alex-Solman_benufofly Meakusma Festival 2017

Ben UFO: “The most adventurous festival I played at that summer”

Less than one week to go until Meakusma Festival 2017 is opening its wickets in Eupen, Belgium. Ben …

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CofK_starter_42_Meier Cabinet of Kaput

Jan Meier “Schal Ralph Lauren”


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CofK_starter_40_Schaufler Cabinet of Kaput

Matthias Schaufler “kaput”

No.41 …

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Jens Balzer & Romano Pop-Kultur 2017

With the eyes of Christoph Voy

The Berlin based Pop-Kultur festival in 17 pictures. …

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Christine_starter_c of K_40 Cabinet of Kaput

Christine Moldrickx “Transgressions (drill)”


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Wehrmeister_starter_c of K_39 Cabinet of Kaput

Viktoria Wehrmeister “Melodas”


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The Sparks say thank you Flow festival 2017 – A look back in 25 pictures

The endless Mystery of Love with Mr Fingers, Midori Takada, Sparks, Marie Davidson, Model 500, Princess Nokia and many more

It is not easy to look back on this years Flow edition without starting with the dark clouds which s…

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Mark-Reeder_07 Mark Reeder

Approved by the Communist Party: Mauerstadt

Recently Mark Reeder released his new album “Mauerstadt”, featuring remixes and collaborations w…

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Bildschirmfoto 2017-08-05 um 18.30.51 Pop-Kultur-Festival 2017 – The loved ones of the festival team


Once again Berlins Pop-Kultur-Festival (happening between the 23th and 25th of August at Kulturbraue…

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fari_shams_starter_c of K_38 Cabinet of Kaput

Fari Shams “Quäck shoots the Butterfly under the instruction of Simonis”

No.38 …

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Weidemann_starter_c of K_36 Cabinet of Kaput

Martin Weidemann “Triple A”

No.37 …

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OLI_02 Oligarkh – Summer Mix for Pop-Kultur Festival

“To be artist is already a political statement.”

Modern Russia is quite an interesting object for artists to explore. – Oligarkh deliver not only a…

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Beatrice Dillon (Foto Yannick van de Wijngaert) Dekmantel 2017 – The festival in 21 pictures

Nina, Beatrice, Larry, Robert, Marcel, Omar, Steve, Peggy….

Another year of musique non stop at Dekmantel festival in Amsterdam. We picked 21 moments to remembe…

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Sotnikove_starter_c of K_36 Cabinet of Kaput

Lucia Sotnikova “Kugelblitz”


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CofK_starter_35 Cabinet of Kaput

Nora Hansen & Maeve O`Neill “Untitled (@barbican)”

No. 35…

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FLow_Kamasi-Washington Flow Festival 2017

From Sparks to Model 500, Kaithlyn Aurelia Smith and Midori Takada

Simple yet full of thoughtful details, arty yet utterly approachable (and walkable!). A curated and …

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and naked Sonar 2017

12 performances you should not miss at

Our twelve not to be missed performances at this years Sonar edition are: Princess Nokia, Star Eyes …

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Miss Kittin & Kim Ann Foxman Sónar 2017 – Photos, videos and some heat influenced words

Rolling with Heat

The 24th edition of Sónar was maybe the hottest I did ever attend. The sun was so heavily sharing i…

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Moogfest_The-Dude Moogfest 2017 - Photogallery

An endless stream of inspiration

It is quite rare to find so many kind and interesting people coming together to organize and partici…

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Prima_Grace-Jones Primavera Sound 2017

Simply the best in 7 chapters

Of course it was a clever choice to once again travel down to the land of smooth sundowners and endl…

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Resonate_Blind Resonate Festival 2017

AGF, Phill Niblock, Yves Tumor and bleeding ears

Again and again it’s a surprising experience to fly in for a gathering like Resonate festival, wit…

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PKB_c-of-K_34_Fer Cabinet of Kaput

Fernanda Laguna “Formas negras parecidas a algo”


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Pablo_starter_c of K_33 Cabinet of Kaput

Pablo Castoldi “Crater”


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Michael_starter_c of K_32 Cabinet of Kaput

Michael Kerkmann, ohne Titel

No. 32…

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Almut_starter_c of K_31 Cabinet of Kaput

Almut Middel “Ohne Titel”

No. 31 …

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Choi_starter_c of K_30 Cabinet of Kaput

Sunah Choi “Elefant, Grandpa, Horse, Goose, Monkey & Giraffe, Eagle, Palm, Donkey, Fidel Castro, Swan, Moose, Rabbit, Camel, Jackal, Dog” 2016

Cabinet of Kaput No.30 …

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A Boy and two Soldiers Travelling Kaput


Kaput writer Amira El-Kordy visited her second home Palestine last September. A formative experience…

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abel-auer_starter2016_klein list beings

Chart Show 2016 – The big KAPUT charts

Lists, everywhere. And usually they are just the same with albums and songs – and of course they…

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fein_starter_c-of-k_29 Cabinet of Kaput

Isabelle Fein “Artisti (ups and downs)”


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groningen_04 European Talent Exchange Programme

The bright side of Europe

Each January the European festival and media circus travels to the Dutch city of Groningen to experi…

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moller_starter_c-of-k_28 Cabinet of Kaput

Simon Dybbroe Møller “65.”


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stephanie_starter_c-of-k_27 Cabinet of Kaput

Stephanie Stein “Substitute II”

No.27 …

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pkb_c-of-k_26 Cabinet of Kaput

Phantom Kino Ballett “In Order of Appearance”


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Carl Craig in front of Hart Plaza A tour through Detroit with Carl Craig

“Recharge with soul”

"I see these buildings every day. For me they represent the history of Detroit, the history of a pla…

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jelena_starter_c-of-k_25 Cabinet of Kaput

Jelena Trivic “Ich flop aus”


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yesim_starter_c-of-k_24 Cabinet of Kaput

Yesim Akdeniz “Men explaining things to me”

No.24 …

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and her check list Ableton Loop 2016 – A review by Sonia Güttler (aka Sonae)

Hogwarts departement for electronic music

Sonia Güttler aka Sonae is looking back on the Ableton Loop event 2016. …

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cofk_23_koehler_starter Cabinet of Kaput

Florian Köhler “Ohne Titel (Thermodruck) Pentax Pocketjet 3 Plus Print”


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cofk_22_schattanik_szczesny_starter Cabinet of Kaput

Hedda Schattanik / Roman Szczesny “brain against brick” (outtakes Viktor Al Manouchi / homework from Peyton)


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