Montag, 24.07.2017
and naked Sonar 2017

12 performances you should not miss at

Our twelve not to be missed performances at this years Sonar edition are: Princess Nokia, Star Eyes …

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Miss Kittin & Kim Ann Foxman Sónar 2017 – Photos, videos and some heat influenced words

Rolling with Heat

The 24th edition of Sónar was maybe the hottest I did ever attend. The sun was so heavily sharing i…

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Moogfest_The-Dude Moogfest 2017 - Photogallery

An endless stream of inspiration

It is quite rare to find so many kind and interesting people coming together to organize and partici…

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Prima_Grace-Jones Primavera Sound 2017

Simply the best in 7 chapters

Of course it was a clever choice to once again travel down to the land of smooth sundowners and endl…

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Resonate_Blind Resonate Festival 2017

AGF, Phill Niblock, Yves Tumor and bleeding ears

Again and again it’s a surprising experience to fly in for a gathering like Resonate festival, wit…

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PKB_c-of-K_34_Fer Cabinet of Kaput

Fernanda Laguna “Formas negras parecidas a algo”


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Pablo_starter_c of K_33 Cabinet of Kaput

Pablo Castoldi “Crater”


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Michael_starter_c of K_32 Cabinet of Kaput

Michael Kerkmann, ohne Titel

No. 32…

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Almut_starter_c of K_31 Cabinet of Kaput

Almut Middel “Ohne Titel”

No. 31 …

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Choi_starter_c of K_30 Cabinet of Kaput

Sunah Choi “Elefant, Grandpa, Horse, Goose, Monkey & Giraffe, Eagle, Palm, Donkey, Fidel Castro, Swan, Moose, Rabbit, Camel, Jackal, Dog” 2016

Cabinet of Kaput No.30 …

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A Boy and two Soldiers Travelling Kaput


Kaput writer Amira El-Kordy visited her second home Palestine last September. A formative experience…

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abel-auer_starter2016_klein list beings

Chart Show 2016 – The big KAPUT charts

Lists, everywhere. And usually they are just the same with albums and songs – and of course they…

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fein_starter_c-of-k_29 Cabinet of Kaput

Isabelle Fein “Artisti (ups and downs)”


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groningen_04 European Talent Exchange Programme

The bright side of Europe

Each January the European festival and media circus travels to the Dutch city of Groningen to experi…

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moller_starter_c-of-k_28 Cabinet of Kaput

Simon Dybbroe Møller “65.”


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stephanie_starter_c-of-k_27 Cabinet of Kaput

Stephanie Stein “Substitute II”

No.27 …

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pkb_c-of-k_26 Cabinet of Kaput

Phantom Kino Ballett “In Order of Appearance”


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Carl Craig in front of Hart Plaza A tour through Detroit with Carl Craig

“Recharge with soul”

"I see these buildings every day. For me they represent the history of Detroit, the history of a pla…

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jelena_starter_c-of-k_25 Cabinet of Kaput

Jelena Trivic “Ich flop aus”


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yesim_starter_c-of-k_24 Cabinet of Kaput

Yesim Akdeniz “Men explaining things to me”

No.24 …

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and her check list Ableton Loop 2016 – A review by Sonia Güttler (aka Sonae)

Hogwarts departement for electronic music

Sonia Güttler aka Sonae is looking back on the Ableton Loop event 2016. …

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cofk_23_koehler_starter Cabinet of Kaput

Florian Köhler “Ohne Titel (Thermodruck) Pentax Pocketjet 3 Plus Print”


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cofk_22_schattanik_szczesny_starter Cabinet of Kaput

Hedda Schattanik / Roman Szczesny “brain against brick” (outtakes Viktor Al Manouchi / homework from Peyton)


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cofk_21_sochacki_starter Cabinet of Kaput

Paul Sochacki “Geometry of Conditions”


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cofk_20_mayer_starter Cabinet of Kaput

Katrin Mayer “Private Eyes”


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cofk_1_mittrup_starter Cabinet of Kaput

Bernadette Mittrup “Der Mantel”


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cofk_18_gispert_starter Cabinet of Kaput

Jessica Gispert “Secret Message”

No.18 …

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cofk_17_szalkowicz_starter Cabinet of Kaput

Cecilia Szalkowicz “Si de su encuentro saliera humo”


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cofk_16_heilbron_starter Cabinet of Kaput

Alex Heilbron “Telephone”


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cofk_15_leib_starter Cabinet of Kaput

Anita Leib “In der Unterwelt”

No. 15…

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CofK_13_Kohlman_starter Cabinet of Kaput

Tina Kohlmann “Druids with Handbags”


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Laura Mvula Flow Festival 2016

DJ Pierre, Roman Flügel, Sleaford Mods, Helena Hauff, Black Madonna….

Simple yet full of thoughtful details, arty yet utterly approachable (and walkable!). A curated and …

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CofK_13_Auer_starter Cabinet of Kaput

Abel Auer “Wandernder Zyklopenfoetus in pastoraler Landschaft”

No. 13…

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CofK_12_starter Cabinet of Kaput

Alex Bircken “Uzi”

No. 12…

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CofK_11_Husain__starter Cabinet of Kaput

Oliver Husain “Popcorn”


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CofK_10_Kenneth Bergfeld__starter Cabinet of Kaput

Kenneth Bergfeld “The Unknown Person”

No. 10…

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CofK_9_Kira Bunse_starter Cabinet of Kaput

Kira Bunse “Mayhem”

No. 9 …

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CofK_8_starter Cabinet of Kaput

Tobias Hohn & Stanton Taylor “Untitled (How Does It Feel)”


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CofK_7_Goersmayer_starter Cabinet of Kaput

Lukas Goersmeyer “Untiled”

No. 7…

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Jlin killing it Moogfest 2016

The streets of Durham

Moogfest 2016 kicked off yesterday with quite a roll of great performances, including Jlin, Blood Or…

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CofK_6_Pastille_starter Cabinet of Kaput

Nie Pastille “Tanz lang”

No. 6…

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CofK_5_Timo seber_starter Cabinet of Kaput

Timo Seber “Runway: Cabinet of Kaput“

No. 5…

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CofK_4_Hemmer_starter Cabinet of Kaput

Simon Hemmer “Staat böse”

No. 4 …

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CofK_3_weisser westen_starter Cabinet of Kaput

Weisser Westen “Vier Perlen vor Säule”


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Marieta_Nr_3 Cabinet of Kaput

Marieta Chirulescu “Finally we laugh April 21, 2016″


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CofK_1_Kraiss_starter Cabinet of Kaput

Robert Kraiss “o.T (Puschel_Simple Stretch)”


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Drinking Primavera festival - An ode

Once upon a time in the garden eden

Primavera always means three days of getting totally lost in the charme of this festival. You start …

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CofK_0_starter Cabinet of Kaput

Sarah Szczesny “Cabinet Test”

No. O…

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Flow_Jussi Hellsten Flow Festival 2016

We don’t spend anytime backstage at our festival, we are there with the audience.”

What started back in 2004 as kind of a private concert organised by Tuomas Kallio and friends for hi…

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Moogfest_Outdoor Moogfest 2016

“Moogfest will always be a celebration of Bob Moog’s legacy.”

Moogfest 2016 is all about artists involved in multiple parts of the program: A platform to premiere…

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12026609_10206990644377943_246890302_n SXSW 2016

From Mick Jenkins to Guerilla Toss: those are the Top 20 songs of this years SXSW!

SXSW 2016 is officially over. But the bands and songs keep rotating in our heads. We look back with …

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Week-End #5

Billy Childish on stage & in conversation

Billy Childish and his gang were off stage for six year long years, before giving their comeback sho…

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