Dienstag, 23.01.2018
Filter-Detroit-Jonathan-Forsythe_02 FILTER Detroit – Kerstin Niemand on 12645 Moran Street, Detroit

“Detroit is an open city”

The direct contact with local artists revealed that the metropolis, which until now has only been kn…

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Olga-Volchkova_03 Danielle de Picciotto & Friends in Conversation

“Stories about humans and plants” – The work and life of Olga Volchkova

For the fourth installment of her series "Danielle de Picciotto & Friends in Conversation", Danielle…

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Claudia-Skoda_01 Danielle de Picciotto & Friends in Conversation

Claudia Skoda: “Fashion has never been as cheap and inflationary as today and at the same time absurdly expensive.”

When I moved from NYC to Berlin in the mid eighties I was able to experience the last strides of an …

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Kim Fowley Simon Reynolds in conversation with Christina Mohr

“The illusory belief that fame will give you immortality”

Born in London, established in New York and currently living in Los Angeles, Simon Reynolds is a man…

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000000030024 Mozhgan Shariat

„The idea was to play weird, soundtracky monster music“

San Francisco based Mozhgan Shariat is alongside Solar and Jason Greer the co-host of the super well…

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@Bogomir Doringer, I Dance Alone_Art project - Fun House party, Amsterdam, 2015 Bogomir Doringer – "I Dance Alone"

“I am interested in catching the ghosts of the dance-floor.”

The Serbian artist Bogomir Doringer films for his ongoing project “I Dance Alone“ dance-floors …

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Richie-Nelson-03 Richie Dagger’s Crime

“I’m super shy”

I’m still learning how to become a stage personality. I’m super shy, I get so much anxiety perfo…

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IMG_7788 Danielle de Picciotto & Friends in Conversation

Laura Ortman – “I was shy as fuck as a kid but always causing rumbles”

"The dreamy tunes of Laura Ortman mixed raw violin sounds, electronic samples, a small megaphone and…

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Jan-Schulte_02_Britta-Tekotte Jan Schulte


Anything goes for Jan Schulte, who has learned this trade at the Salon des Amateurs. He releases his…

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Jarboe–Photo-by-Halvor-Bodin Danielle de Picciotto & Friends in Conversation


First part of our new interview series, hosted by Danielle de Picciotto. This time former Swans memb…

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Rashad-Becker-Ena_Voy_06 Rashad Becker & Ena

Friendly Neighbours

While Rashad Becker is best known for being a luminary in the field of mastering, but he is also an …

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TLT_02_Phil-Struck Detlef Weinrich aka Tolouse Low Trax

“The world still makes sense in the morning, at night everything crumbles.”

Detlef Weinrich has been making music under his current imprint Tolouse Low Trax since 2010. His won…

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IMG_1776 Mark Fell – Syn/Cussion-Festival

“To me that would be a waste of a life spending your life making money.”

From the fifth to the seventh of May the Syn/Cussion-Festival will take place at Berlin’s Radialsy…

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Jlin_Artikel_04 Jerrilynn Patton aka Jlin

“It feels great to not have a dayjob anymore”

Jlin shakes her head to the question if she had been under pressure as a result of people's expectat…

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Young-Marco_05 Young Marco – Dekmantel Selectors series

„Selection will always trump technique“

Marco Sterk who goes by the artist name of Young Marco is one of those djs who are on the radar for …

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Magnetic_Fields-Voy-04 The Magnetic Fields "50 Song Memoir" – Justus Köhncke on Stephin Merritt’s new album


“Age is just a number”, is what they say. Or “70 is the new 50”, “50 is the new 35”. Bul…

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Vermont_03 Vermont – Marcus Worgull and Danilo Plessow in conversation

“It was just like yoga: You get there, turn your brain off and just do it.”

Three years after their debut “Vermont” Danilo Plessow (Motor City Drum Ensemble) and Marcus Wor…

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Cologne-Brom_Friedemann The new school of Cologne Techno

“Noticeably different, more free”

A journey into the New School of Cologne Techno featuring Friday Dunard, Philip Jondo, Christian Gun…

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000000 Jeremy Corbyn vs. Robert Wyatt


The evening in Brighton sums up why the relationship of pop and politics are going through a crisis.…

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A Boy and two Soldiers Travelling Kaput


Kaput writer Amira El-Kordy visited her second home Palestine last September. A formative experience…

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moscoman_01 Moscoman

„I am searching for the rollercoaster drop feeling that make my lungs explode.“

If one mentions sad it is not far from the word depression – Chen Moscovici’s reaction to the wo…

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groningen_04 European Talent Exchange Programme

The bright side of Europe

Each January the European festival and media circus travels to the Dutch city of Groningen to experi…

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bildschirmfoto-2016-09-14-um-12-25-11 Kai Althoff

Hey Manhattan

If you have ever busied yourself with Kai Althoff’s oeuvre, then you now about the great desire fo…

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lord-of-the-isles_01 Lord of the Isles

A confession on the dance floor

When a musical project is called Lord of the Isles and an album is titled “In Waves” (ESP Instit…

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Cannibal_04 Cannibal / Cary Loren, Dennis Tyfus and Cameron Jamie

“There is no such thing as a finalization.”

  Cannibal are Cary Loren, Dennis Tyfus and Cameron Jamie, and they are what’s commonly known as …

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john-tilbury_01 John Tilbury interviewed by Heike Sperling

»To the question “What are you?” – I answer, I am a musician.«

Between the 20th and 27th of November Heike Sperling and Marcus Schmickler organize in Duesseldorf a…

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John_Talabot_3 Oriol Riverola aka John Talabot

„When I finish my album, I hate my album.”

Together with Kaput Oriol Riverola aka John Talabot is reflecting on the new era of clubbing where p…

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Barnt2013web Daniel Ansorge (Barnt)

“I am a dancer, a clubber, who finds in the studio what kicks himself the most.”

Since the release of his Überhit „Geffen“ everybody wants his part of Barnt aka Daniel Ansorge.…

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Hieroglyphic-Being_Shoot_02 Hieroglyphic Being

The Sun over Egypt

With his new album “The Disco’s of Imhotep” Jamal Moss returns to Earth from Saturn.…

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Bjarki_Timothy-Lambrecq_01 Bjarki

“I sold cotton candy on the corner”

What did you do before to earn your money? Bjarki: "I sold cotton candy on the corner"…

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Laid back2 Laid Back

„It’s all so tense if the clock is ticking“

"Let’s talk about “White Horse” and “Erotic City”? People say that you had collaborated wi…

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Container_04 Container

„It is better to leave people while enjoying it!“

Ren, are you a dancer? - "Definitly not. I would not say I never danced, but I need to be pretty dru…

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Veronica-Vasicka_02 Veronica Vasicka - Minimal Wave & Cititrax

“I don’t understand when what I like became cool and why.”

“I definitely felt like an outsider in high school. The other kids asked me why I was always weari…

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Survive_New_Promo Stranger Things

“We want to elicit the demons from the light and make them die in the backstreet.”

It fits the modesty of Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein that we already hung out for a couple of hours a…

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Answer-Code-Machine-bySven-Marquardt_02 Answer Code Request


At a time where others turn their back on music, when they become parents, to do “something useful…

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Neukölln_Noisekölln-Ziegrastraße Off-Kultur

“Neukölln is about community and supporting each other, from local businesses to art practice.”

Always simply complaining about things, well anyone can do that. But to get involved is the high art…

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Marcin_10 Insolvency & Pop - Marcin Oz


You can hardly imagine a more radical break in a biography, as that from a DJ and musician to a wine…

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Genesis_Drew_Weidemann_01 Genesis Breyer P Orridge

Let´s have a dog-interview!

"We´re looking forward to when you can say „I want to have fur!“ or „I want to grow feathers …

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Moogfest 2016

Black Madonna, Jlin, The Orb, Hieroglyphic Being, Trandle….

We talked to Black Madonna, Jlin, The Orb, Hieroglyphic Being and Trandle about the so called "Bathr…

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000000000000000000000000000000 Frankie Cosmos

“We just put everything on the internet for no reason”

Greta Kline’s family background can be summarized in one word: Hollywood. She is the daughter of t…

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kaput-gold_panda-by-nils_rodekamp-516 Gold Panda in conversation with Glitterbug & Ronnie Shendar

“I am sorry for being myself now. But what can I do!”

Known to be rather private and reclusive, Kaput set up a meeting with his old friends Till Rohmann a…

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Laurel-Halo-Pic Laurel Halo

In Conversation with Laurel Halo

Over her three albums „Quarantine“, „Chance of Rain“ and „In Situ“ the American producer…

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Bildschirmfoto 2016-04-25 um 14.32.45 Ogoya Nengo & The Dodo Women's Group

Songpremiere: »On Monday«

A good album title usually sets the scene pretty capably. Ogaoya Nengo has chosen a pretty great one…

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Masha_Qrella_Diana-Näcke_02 Masha Qrella

I no longer felt trapped

„Feel welcomed in the disco of inner feeling", thats how the label is advertising the new album b…

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Laura-Gibson_Opener_Shervin-Lainez---5119 Laura Gibson

“I really felt the loneliness of a big decision.”

Laura Gibson is the creator of a constantly growing and magnificently beautiful world of folk music…

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CIty_Life_Gangster Gregor Schwellenbach & Marcus Schmickler

Dialogue of questions

With „City Life“ Kompakt records and the Gürzenich Orchestra did put the different threads of e…

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Stereo_Total-Beach_Love Stereo Total


The sexy hit machine from Berlin Kreuzberg is back - ok, Stereo Total have never really been gone. I…

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Hui Shan Tea Gathering Chinese Architecture

The Stories of Contemporary Chinese Architecture

嘉 Jia gives us a little inside in Contemporary Chinese Architecture from traditional Chinese load-…

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Loud-Reads_Aufmacher An interview with King Lou Fernandez

Lou reads the Internet

Kaput´s International Staff Writer John Stanier once again stepped out of his place behind the drum…

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Junior_Boys_2 Junior Boys

Still sweet sounding pop songs.

Junior Boys have always been a musical chameleon. From dubstep via synth-pop to disco, their musical…

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Robert-Henke-1 Robert Henke aka Monolake

„I have learned that there is a point, where complaining doesn’t work anymore.“

Without Robert Henke the history of electronic music would have to be rewritten. Together with Gerha…

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Hakan_Opener- Håkan Lidbo on interactive installations

What the hell is music really?

Ableton showed during his Loop in Berlin three impressive installation works from the Swedish produc…

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