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_DSC2714 Discwoman – Videointerview

Challenge the norms

Thomas Venker met Emma Burgess-Olson (aka UMFANG), Christine Tran and Frankie Decaiza Hutchinson at …

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8 Fischerspooner Interview with Casey Spooner

Casey Spooner: “Now I’m addicted to museum shows. I want one every year.”

"Now I'm addicted to museum shows. I want one every year." – NAK director Maurice Funken in conve…

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Jasss_02 Silvia Jiménez Alvarez aka Jasss in conversation

JASSS: “Those things exist in me and bother me.”

Spain born artist Silvia Jiménez Alvarez already set some significant marks in the world of dark el…

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Tessa-Hughes-Freeland-_Hiraeth Danielle de Picciotto & Friends in Conversation

Tessa Hughes Freeland: “Overload creates a confusion of meaning – I love that”

Tessa Hughes Freeland is a british born experimental filmmaker who moved to NYC in the late 70ies. S…

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kirsty nu orleans Danielle de Picciotto & Friends in Conversation

Kirsty Allison: “Life’s too short to fuck around”

"Good poetry brings people together, and there’s nothing like instigating that." – Danielle de …

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Oxbow-Peter-Brötzmann_14 Peter Brötzmann & Oxbow

It’s not the twelve bar, it’s the person behind!

On Sunday the 20th of May Peter Brötzmann played together with Dan Adams, Greg Davis, Eugene Robins…

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Magnea_studiomynd_bw Magnea

Social pop anthropologist

In the first place, Maral Salmassi just wanted to produce the record by the Icelandic dance pop duo …

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DANA-GINGRAS_04 Danielle de Picciotto & Friends in Conversation

Dana Gingras: “Dancing really saved my life, as it was a way to manage all the energy and self-destructive tendencies I had”

"Dance and live performance fundamentally explores and embraces the condition of risk. Through emplo…

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Bildschirmfoto 2018-03-17 um 17.34.43 Fishbach – Videointerview

Fishbach “I allow myself everything”

Florence Fishbach – Cologne Kaput-Talk. …

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The-Invisible-Hands_still4 "The Invisible Hands" – Interview with Director Marina Gioti

“One of the last true punks” – Alan Bishop and the Invisible Hands

Kaput talked to Marina Gioti about "The Invisible Hands", the documentation she produced together w…

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Laura-Kikauka_04 Danielle de Picciotto & Friends in Conversation

Laura Kikauka: “Rediscovering the art of slowing down”

Laura Kikauka is almost impossible to describe because she seems most understandable when you experi…

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DR_01_2016_zkm_performing_sound_onuk_101_lo-res Marco Donnarumma: „Corpus Nil: Eingeweide“

“It’s about understanding that we humans are not any more important than any other creature on the planet”

A lot has been written lately about the end of the artist as we know her/him. The legend is on the s…

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Olga-Volchkova_03 Danielle de Picciotto & Friends in Conversation

“Stories about humans and plants” – The work and life of Olga Volchkova

For the fourth installment of her series "Danielle de Picciotto & Friends in Conversation", Danielle…

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tired_eyes_kingdom Tired Eyes Kingdom – Talking "Edge"

“When we are in the room doing our thing nothing really manage to enter this circle.”

Elif Dikec, Isabelle Pabst, Yotam Schleuniger and Felix Nisblé are most of all a gang, one you rare…

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Groningen_Zulu-Zulu Eurosonic Noorderslag & European Talent Exchange Programme / An interview with Ruud Berends

Ask me again after the event ;-)

Each January the European festival and media circus travels to the Dutch city of Groningen to experi…

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Matt-Werth_Kaput Matt Werth – Video-Interview


Thomas Venker met Matt Werth during the 2017 edition of Moogfest in Durham for a conversation about …

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Suzanne-Ciani_Kaput Suzanne Ciani – video interview

“My music is supposed to offer a place of relaxation.”

Thomas Venker and John Noi met Suzanne Ciani for a conversation about the creative and economic aspe…

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IMG_1776 Mark Fell – Syn/Cussion-Festival

“To me that would be a waste of a life spending your life making money.”

From the fifth to the seventh of May the Syn/Cussion-Festival will take place at Berlin’s Radialsy…

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Young-Marco_05 Young Marco – Dekmantel Selectors series

„Selection will always trump technique“

Marco Sterk who goes by the artist name of Young Marco is one of those djs who are on the radar for …

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john-tilbury_01 John Tilbury interviewed by Heike Sperling

»To the question “What are you?” – I answer, I am a musician.«

Between the 20th and 27th of November Heike Sperling and Marcus Schmickler organize in Duesseldorf a…

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Barnt2013web Daniel Ansorge (Barnt)

“I am a dancer, a clubber, who finds in the studio what kicks himself the most.”

Since the release of his Überhit „Geffen“ everybody wants his part of Barnt aka Daniel Ansorge.…

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Marcin_10 Insolvency & Pop - Marcin Oz


You can hardly imagine a more radical break in a biography, as that from a DJ and musician to a wine…

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Genesis_Drew_Weidemann_01 Genesis Breyer P Orridge

Let´s have a dog-interview!

"We´re looking forward to when you can say „I want to have fur!“ or „I want to grow feathers …

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Flow_Jussi Hellsten Flow Festival 2016

We don’t spend anytime backstage at our festival, we are there with the audience.”

What started back in 2004 as kind of a private concert organised by Tuomas Kallio and friends for hi…

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Junior_Boys_2 Junior Boys

Still sweet sounding pop songs.

Junior Boys have always been a musical chameleon. From dubstep via synth-pop to disco, their musical…

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Kaput Profiler Vimes Vimes - The Kaput Profiler

Secret Knowledge

Azhar Syeds and Julian Stetters of Vimes share their first drug experiences, favorites ice-cream and…

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Robert-Henke-1 Robert Henke aka Monolake

„I have learned that there is a point, where complaining doesn’t work anymore.“

Without Robert Henke the history of electronic music would have to be rewritten. Together with Gerha…

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Grimes_NewYork-Live Grimes

“I just want to be allowed to do my job and not be treated like an alien doing it.”

"I think so. I remember as a kid, being so fucking scared all of the time. For example, when I wante…

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Kamasi3 Kamasi Washington

„I am trying to give the flower the bloom.“

One of the US’ finest jazzers, his collaborations with Flying Lotus (for “You’re Dead”) and …

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CollageBlancePeaches3 Mykki Blanco & Peaches

Artists inside and out

At the beginning of the 21st century, rap, often seemingly obsessed with tradition and reputation,ha…

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AufmacherJarre Jean Michel Jarre

“The perfect definition of an artist: different declarations of the same obsession.”

He may have reached the ripe age of 67, but futurist French musician, composer and producer Jean Mic…

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Helena Hauff Rauchen Helena Hauff

“Helena Hauff is just Helena Hauff!”

With her sets and productions Helena Hauff breaks open dark, unfathomable, often even gloomy sound w…

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Hotchip2015_web Joe Goddard of Hot Chip

“The importance of keeping music human, hard work and Rush.”

Our author I met twice with Joe Goddard. Once after a sweaty night at Panorama in an apartment on B…

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Kaput_wilkes_by_SarahSzczesny JG Wilkes of Optimo

10 Questions for

Christian S sends out 10 questions to JG Wilkes of Optimo ahead of their gigs together in Cologne an…

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Sparks_Gelb_SarahSzczesny FFS (Franz Ferdinand & Sparks)

Sharing the limelight

What's to know about the exact circumstances of how and why this collaboration came about and the re…

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Duffy_The-Lilac-Time-(photo-credit-Nick-Duffy) Stephen Duffy

Pop’s poet-in-residence re-appears…

Alexander's Festival Hall encountered one of British pop music’s great runaways, Stephen Duffy, at…

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Ena_11 Ena

A Kaput-Mix for Berlin Atonal Festival

Exclusive “Kaput-Mix for Berlin Atonal Festival”, photo gallery and interview with the Japanese …

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WEB_berlin-atonal-2014-high-res-©-camille-blake-39 Berlin Atonal

“A good sense of place and good acts.”

Kaput interviews the three curators of Berlin Atonal: Laurens von Oswald, Paulo Reachi and Harry Gla…

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paddyweb Prefab Sprout - Revisited

“I’m like Robinson Crusoe.”

Paddy McAloon talks about his return to recording, the art of song writing and what he’s been doin…

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Kaput-Trmmer-Aufmacher Trümmer / Paul Pötsch

“All of this self-promoting posting seems lame to me.”

I’ve been talking to Paul Pötsch about having to conduct this interview for days now. Instead of …

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Genesis-P---Orridge-Live-aufmacher Genesis P-Orridge

“Are we really here? Or are we just going through some strange sort of hallucination?”

Dragoș Rusu, Editor-in-Chief of The Attic Magazine, and Mădălina had the chance to meet Genesis P…

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James Murphy & Katoman Katoman / The Cheesewave Movement

What the fuck is Cheesewave?

An Interview with the Tokyo based producer, Dj and Beatcafe-host Katoman by John Stanier.…

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Nick Höppner Nick Höppner

Techno is the new folk

„Folk“ is the impressive solo debut for the Berghain / Panorama Bar-resident and former head of …

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“1, 2, 3, 4″

The Japanese Noise musician Yamazaki Maso Takushi is well know for his short and heavy performances.…

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Fugazi - Revisited

One night at the Hallschlag

On 30th of June 1995 Fugazi put on a remarkable show at the Hallschlag in Stuttgart ... …

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Keiji HainoWeb1 Keiji Haino

“It is going to be very fast and very loud.”

Just the mention of Keiji Haino makes Japanese people nervous. His aura hangs over the room hours b…

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Jay-Z (Collage: Sarah Szczesny) Jay-Z - Revisited

“Are you sick of me?”

"I´m an old school kid", Jay-Z admits in this "Revisited" interview. …

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Drift – Revisited

Leonberger Momente with Leah Singer & Lee Ranaldo

Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth and filmmaker Leah Singer visited Europe in 1994 to perform under their i…

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Dario Argento - Revisited

Harakiri meets Giallo

The Italian director talked supense and horror in this rare 1993 interview. …

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L´age d´or - Revisited

The Age of Innocence

A legendary German label and three impulsive musical makers. Here is the conversation: …

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WEBbuilding_björk_Aufmacher1 Björk - Revisited

“I’m trying to forgive myself for everything.”

The Icelandic pop singer runs straight into the Museum of Modern Art New York - to search for eterna…

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Spilker und Sonnenschirm. Frank Spilker - Insolvency & Pop

„As a band you can’t just chase the money. That would be a trap.“

Frank Spilker, singer of the Hamburg Band Die Sterne, is discussing his personal numbers.…

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