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Jasss_02 Silvia Jiménez Alvarez aka Jasss in conversation

JASSS: “Those things exist in me and bother me.”

Spain born artist Silvia Jiménez Alvarez already set some significant marks in the world of dark el…

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Brom_Diss Kaput Mix 001 – DJ Brom

Kaput Mix: DJ Brom – Kein Nichts!

"Recording 4-hour mixes is nothing I do in everyday life, although I am someone who likes to play lo…

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Carl Craig in front of Hart Plaza A tour through Detroit with Carl Craig

“Recharge with soul”

"I see these buildings every day. For me they represent the history of Detroit, the history of a pla…

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Barnt2013web Daniel Ansorge (Barnt)

“I am a dancer, a clubber, who finds in the studio what kicks himself the most.”

Since the release of his Überhit „Geffen“ everybody wants his part of Barnt aka Daniel Ansorge.…

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Forever in Acid Andreas Gehm

Forever in Acid

About half a year ago a friend and I were discussing Andreas Gehm, the Cologne based techno producer…

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009j Camp Inc.

Köln ist Kaput

Roland Wilhelm & Sebastian Ingenhoff lock off our Köln ist kaput series with their very own mix of…

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Robert-Henke-1 Robert Henke aka Monolake

„I have learned that there is a point, where complaining doesn’t work anymore.“

Without Robert Henke the history of electronic music would have to be rewritten. Together with Gerha…

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trance Museum of Trance bei der Ghetto Biennale


he video- and installation artist Henrike Naumann, and the musician Bastian Hagedorn have been invit…

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“Come along, this will be in interest of you.” Coma "Artists Space"

“Come along, this will be in interest of you.”

Thomas Venker visited the two Cologne based boys for a little studio tour. Topics of talk: vocoder e…

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Helena Hauff Rauchen Helena Hauff

“Helena Hauff is just Helena Hauff!”

With her sets and productions Helena Hauff breaks open dark, unfathomable, often even gloomy sound w…

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Kaput_wilkes_by_SarahSzczesny JG Wilkes of Optimo

10 Questions for

Christian S sends out 10 questions to JG Wilkes of Optimo ahead of their gigs together in Cologne an…

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Featured Video Play Icon Kaput-Playlist

Meryem Erkus explores the darker kind of techno.

This brand new Kaput-Playlist comes from booker and curator Meryem Erkus and explore the darker kind…

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Nick Höppner Nick Höppner

Techno is the new folk

„Folk“ is the impressive solo debut for the Berghain / Panorama Bar-resident and former head of …

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Gut & Irmler "Düsseldorfer Momente" Gut und Irmler

Düsseldorfer Momente

Gudrun Gut and Hans-Joachim Irmler talk in this video feature on acts of artistic cooperation somewh…

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GutIrmler4 Gudrun Gut / Hans-Joachim Irmler - Insolvency & Pop

“I prefer to be as poor as a churchmouse, I’m not willing to lose my principles.”

Gudrun Gut and Hans-Joachim Irmler of Faust open their accounts for our Insolvency & Pop series. …

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Helena Hauff - Passage

“Club culture is all about getting mad for one night and feeling shit the next morning.“

Kaput visited the Hamburg-based producer and dj at home and joined her for a night at the Golden Pud…

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Portland, Mixtape matching the dress! Lena Willikens & Christian S

One Night in Cómeme – USA tour diary

Cómeme is touring the USA. Second stop: New York City. …

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TokyoJogIMG_5075 Meguro, Tokyo, Japan

Abunai in Meguro

Abunai. Abunai. Hyaku. Hyaku.…

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Lena Willikens - Passage

“Now I’m really exhausted.”

Kaput traveled with the Cologne based producer and dj to Amsterdam to join her for a night at the Tr…

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Xosar & Palms Trax 1WEB Xosar & Palms Trax

Haunted by Techno

Sheela Rahman and Jay Donaldson talk about Noise music and ghost whispering. …

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Barnt Barnt

Magazine 13

With "Magazine 13" Daniel Ansorge did step up in the area of musicians like Robert Wyatt, Mark Holli…

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10830486_10153007701824379_3167666757799094372_o Top 10 Dj-Sets 2014

Dj Sneak, Rolando and John Talabot

The best 10 dj sets of 2014, as experienced by Thomas Venker. …

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