Dienstag, 28.03.2017
CTM Festival 2017, the world and a boy with a walkman


Last night, after a day full of discussions with my students at the Institute for Popular Music, I had almost fallen asleep when in this strange interphase of states one last memory sequence stole into my mind. I was suddenly in the year 1988 at a street corner in Washington, D.C. Back then on my first trip through the US one block away from the White House I accidentally met a guy whom I had known from hardcore and punk rock shows in Stuttgart. He was grimly peering towards that house where Ronald Reagan lived back then and was listening, suitable for the moment and his position, to Minor Threat and other Dischord bands (Reagan Youth would have been even more fitting). Admittedly a very introverted kind of protest of the circumstances – but, as it is still resonating in my 29 years later, nonetheless a lasting one.

I don’t really have draw on Freud to know why this memory is coming up right now. Nothing has been more present in our everyday life in the last days than the political ambient noise. Ever since Brexit and Trump’s election even those who have always seen their cultural engagement as separate from something like every day politics feel compelled to position themselves.

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Mikko Joensuu – a song in fifteen images

From a “House Of Fire” to “Amen 3″

In the beginning there was "Amen 1"; but it did not take too long until Mikko Joensuu gave us "Amen 2". And today Joensuu hans us his newest work, "House of Fire", a fifteen minute harbinger of what to expect from the third chapter of his ... well life-like journey. …

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Magnetic_Fields-Voy-04 The Magnetic Fields "50 Song Memoir" – Justus Köhncke on Stephin Merritt’s new album


“Age is just a number”, is what they say. Or “70 is the new 50”, “50 is the new 35”. Bul…

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PKB_c-of-K_34_Fer Cabinet of Kaput

Fernanda Laguna “Formas negras parecidas a algo”


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Dirty Record of the week

Dirty Projectors „Dirty Projectors“

The opener “Keep Your Name” immediately lets the listener feel that this is something very speci…

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Pablo_starter_c of K_33 Cabinet of Kaput

Pablo Castoldi “Crater”


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Euro2_Gianni-Brezzo Gianni Brezzo “Me Deixa” – Videoclip-Premiere

“I just wanted to make a record that doesn’t overstrain you at breakfast table.”

"We wanted to make a cheap and effective promotional clip for the record." – Kaput is happy to deb…

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Marie-Davi Marie Davidson

Week-End Mixtape #6

The tracks on this podcast, which Marie Davidson recorded exclusively for our friends of Week-End Fe…

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