Freitag, 28.07.2017
Labor Day Summary

The (first) 120 days of 2017

“Time keeps slipping, keeps slipping
Time, time keeps slipping
Time, time keeps slipping
Time, time keeps slipping”
(Scritti Politti: “Tinseltown to the Boogiedown”)

“But don’t look back in anger
Don’t look back in anger
I heard you say
At least not today”
(Oasis: “Don’t Look Back in Anger”)

So, how to begin? Is the glass a half empty or half full? I guess by the end of this column we feel right where we belong on this very first day of the May.

But given how 2016 ended, when the election of Donald John Trump topped off a year of sad departures by some of our greatest musicians (Leonard Cohen, Sharon Jones, Colonel Abrams and George Michael, to name just a few), let’s focus on the positives.
True, the title of this piece nods to the Nazi-masterpiece (sic) “Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom” by Pier Paolo Pasolini, but then those negative vibrations often produce our best art.
So, let’s pay tribute to all those cultural developments, great and small, that the Kaput team and me weren’t able to draw your attention to, because we were too busy hustling through the last 119 days.

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Cabinet of Kaput

Nora Hansen & Maeve O`Neil “Untitled (@barbican)”

No. 35…

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FLow_Kamasi-Washington Flow Festival 2017

From Sparks to Model 500, Kaithlyn Aurelia Smith and Midori Takada

Simple yet full of thoughtful details, arty yet utterly approachable (and walkable!). A curated and …

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Featured Video Play Icon
Köln ist Kaput – Video series

Gianni Brezzo

"I think it’s about a bigger identity then just my own actually." Gianni Brezzo about his album "…

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Phoenix-im-Brunnen Record of the Week

Phoenix “Ti Amo”

Phoenix do of course know that they are not the band for explicit political statements, that people …

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Laurel_Dust Record of the Week

Laurel Halo “Dust”

When somebody says about a musician that their newest album is “more accessible” it mostly equal…

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IMG_1776 Mark Fell – Syn/Cussion-Festival

“To me that would be a waste of a life spending your life making money.”

From the fifth to the seventh of May the Syn/Cussion-Festival will take place at Berlin’s Radialsy…

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and naked Sonar 2017

12 performances you should not miss at

Our twelve not to be missed performances at this years Sonar edition are: Princess Nokia, Star Eyes …

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