Mittwoch, 28.09.2016
Thomas Venker


Back in the days summer meant that the newspapers blew up the most boring stories to make them their cover stories, and that those newspapers were used to cover yourself up at the outdoor swimming pool because it was way to hot. Today, however, you’re sitting shivering in front of your computer, incredulously tracking the newest end of the world moments in real time.

Although you got used to the fact that the times are changing faster and faster and that the material and socio-political safety of the 70s and 80s (needless to say that considering all of the issues at that time this was only relative and experienced just by a few privileged ones), even in our Western comfort zone, is changing towards a permanent state of instability how it is known by most people. But the frequency of the last weeks is still too much to process it adequately. All you want to do is hoist up the white flag to be indulged in a short break.

What I actually wanted to write here was a column about the extensive USA-Canada-trip that I made in the last two weeks to accompany Lena Willikens on her North America tour. It was supposed to be about what it feels like to be in this country, that was so important for my cultural socialisation (US punk, Detroit techno, New Hollywood), shortly before the end of the Obama time and the final Clinton-Trump-fight. But the cover of Brexit, and related #postredracism, the attacks of Nice, and the attempted coup in Turkey with radical dictatorial backlash, as well as the series of brutal attacks, police brutality, and counter attacks on the police in the US render this impossible.

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Five For Friday

1 – 16.09.2016

It’s Friday, and in the music world, today is new release day. Stores are flooded with an abundance of new releases. But how the hell can we the people, keep up with the thousands of new tracks being unleashed upon the world? Well, we got Jon Berry to tell us what is hot and what is not so hot at all. …

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Bjarki_Timothy-Lambrecq_01 Bjarki

“I sold cotton candy on the corner”

What did you do before to earn your money? Bjarki: "I sold cotton candy on the corner"…

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Hieroglyphic-Being_Shoot_02 Hieroglyphic Being

The Sun over Egypt

With his new album “The Disco’s of Imhotep” Jamal Moss returns to Earth from Saturn.…

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cofk_17_szalkowicz_starter Cabinet of Kaput

Cecilia Szalkowicz “Si de su encuentro saliera humo”


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cofk_16_heilbron_starter Cabinet of Kaput

Alex Heilbron “Telephone”


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cofk_15_leib_starter Cabinet of Kaput

Anita Leib “In der Unterwelt”

No. 15…

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Laid back2 Laid Back

„It’s all so tense if the clock is ticking“

"Let’s talk about “White Horse” and “Erotic City”? People say that you had collaborated wi…

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