Dienstag, 25.10.2016
Thomas Venker


You can’t be further away from Germany. I’m standing on a little hill in the northwest of the island Vanua Levu, that is part of the state territory of Fiji. As a child and reader of Mickey Mouse Magazine I learned early that if you just dug deep enough you would get out on the other side of the world. From Germany that would be Australia. But maybe you dig a bit askew, and then you would end up here.
Vanua Levu lies peacefully in front of, next to and behind me, the ocean can be seen on the horizon as well, and nature chirps away in the evening sun. But the idyll, if it ever existed, has gotten cracks lately. And Sade Marika, village elder of Naviavia, increases it with every syllable of his speech. The people in his village are really anxious, he tells me. The Kiribati, one of the island nations in the South Pacific that is threatened by the sea-level rise, have bought land here from the Church of England (how they once obtained this land is one of the dark chapters of the missionary world conquest) some time ago. Officially to farm, unofficially it has already been talked about resettlement. Although they have emphasized, at a meeting, that the inhabitants of Naviavia have nothing to fear from and are able to keep their land no strings attached. But the fear is nonetheless spreading in their heads. The irony of this: the Naviavia only just came here a couple of generations ago from the Salmon Islands, as slaves of the colonial power United Kingdom, who appropriated Fiji and further parts of the South Pacific.

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Cabinet of Kaput

Katrin Mayer “Private Eyes”


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bildschirmfoto-2016-09-14-um-12-25-11 Kai Althoff

Hey Manhattan

If you have ever busied yourself with Kai Althoff’s oeuvre, then you now about the great desire fo…

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John_Talabot_3 Oriol Riverola aka John Talabot

„When I finish my album, I hate my album.”

Together with Kaput Oriol Riverola aka John Talabot is reflecting on the new era of clubbing where p…

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Barnt2013web Daniel Ansorge (Barnt)

“I am a dancer, a clubber, who finds in the studio what kicks himself the most.”

Since the release of his Überhit „Geffen“ everybody wants his part of Barnt aka Daniel Ansorge.…

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Hieroglyphic-Being_Shoot_02 Hieroglyphic Being

The Sun over Egypt

With his new album “The Disco’s of Imhotep” Jamal Moss returns to Earth from Saturn.…

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gallery-1464874465-nick-cave-skeleton Record Of The Week

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds “Skeleton Tree”

When hearing the album one witnesses how the singer tries to catch up to the music and again and aga…

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Bjarki_Timothy-Lambrecq_01 Bjarki

“I sold cotton candy on the corner”

What did you do before to earn your money? Bjarki: "I sold cotton candy on the corner"…

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